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Karen Day has written, produced and directed 11 documentary films and hosted and produced more than 50 features for national television. Her exclusive news segments from Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar have appeared on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, BBC, CNN and  LINK TV. The PLUM TV series WOMEN WITH A CAUSE:CAROLE KING earned the 2009 Idaho Press Club Award for Best Independent Environmental Series and an EMMY for Best Independent Television Series. Her documentaries focus on  humanitarian issues and include the award-winning, CONVERSATIONS FOR PEACE WITH THE DALAI LAMA: ETHICS FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM.  Actress Jamie Lee Curtis narrates LEARNING TO BE DIFFERENT, Day’s… Continue reading

SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice

Publishing is in Karen Day’s DNA. Her great uncles, Robert and Edwin Grabhorn, founded the historic and internationally-lauded Grabhorn Press in 1920, in San Francisco. Her career spans ten years of multimedia projects, but writing remains her primary passion, coupled with the purpose of giving voice to those who lack the opportunity to speak for themselves. Numerous national magazines and newspapers, including THE DAILY BEAST, MARIE CLAIRE,The Los Angeles Times, MORE and “O” magazines have featured her humanitarian stories.

SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice was published in 2009. Day’s literary resume includes co-writing humanitarian policy with a top-Pentagon official… Continue reading

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